Concrete Restoration and Coating

We are a concrete restoration contractor offering extensive renovation services for the repair and refurbishment of old or weakened concrete and masonry surfaces.  Deteriorating or heavily cracked concrete is unattractive and unsafe.

Concrete RestorationNo job is too big or too small, and we have performed various restorations ranging from large concrete structures to smaller restorations often required before coating and lining installation.

Restoration plays a significant role in coating concrete, as most coating and linings require a clean and strong substrate.  Grouts, mortars, and polymer concretes are used to restore structures including curbs, loading docks, floors, stairs, and drainage areas.

Like in coating, painting, and lining projects, our training and safety measures are extensive.  We always allow for the use of proper equipment and safety practices.

In minimal time, our solutions not only restore your structures, but extends their service life, making restoration a cost-effective choice, since structure demolition and replacement can be avoided.

When the concrete is sound, we are able to install high performance coatings and linings for all concrete structures, interior and exterior, in corrosive and non-corrosive environments.

Based on exposure and performance requirements, materials are chosen to protect against weather, abrasion, chemicals, temperature extremes, UV, and other conditions.

Our training and safety measures are extensive, including proper equipment and safety practices on every painting, coating and lining installation, plus certification for confined space work and entry.

Installed systems can be equally corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and attractive, with materials conforming to industry, safety, and environmental standards.

Before and After Concrete Restoration

Capabilities Epoxy/Urethane Injection

​Grouting and Mortars

Refurbishment of Deteriorated Concrete


Applications Commercial Flooring

Concrete Silos

Parking Structures

Secondary Containment

Truck-Loading Docks


Safety Standards Confined Space Entry


Fall Protection

General OSHA

Hazard Communication


Precision Industrial Coatings Specific

Scaffold Erection/Dismatling

Inspection Process Corrosion Surveys of Facilities

Evaluation and Inspection of Existing Substrates

Inspection of Work in Progress

Secondary Inspection of Work by Other Contractors

Benefits of Concrete Restoration Extends Structural Life

Improves Structural Integrity

More Cost-Effective than Structure Replacement

Types of Coatings Cementitous Linings


Fiberglass Reinforced Linings

Glake-Glass Filled Resins

High/Low Temperature



Teflon-Filled Systems


Vinyl Ester

Material Suppliers ​BASF

Blome International


Ceilcote Corrosion Control


Henkel Surface Technologies

Devoe High Performance Coatings

Master Builders

General Polymers

Protective Industrial Polymers

​Rema Corrosion Control


Sentry Polymers

Sherwin Williams


Industries Served Agricultural


Chemical Process

Food Preparation


Paper Mill



Public Utilities

​Steel and Metal Finishing