Precision Industrial Coatings provides and installs the highest quality coating and lining systems for tanks and secondary containments, epoxy flooring, industrial and commercial painting, plus concrete restoration and abrasive blasting.
As an installation contractor with a 30-year track record of safety, dependability, and customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions and a safe environment for our highly trained installers and our customers.

Concrete Repair/Protection

Waterproof Sealants

Flexible Polymer Systems

Formed or Poured Repairs

Grouts/Polymer Cements

Prevent Leaks and Cracking

Masonry Repairs


Grit Blasting

Surface Preparation of all Substrates

Use of Many Medias Including:

Coal Slag, Corn Cob, Garnet, Nickel Slag, and Walnut Shell

White Metal (SSPC-SP5)

Near-White (SSPC-SP10)

Commercial (SSPC-SP6)


Resinous Flooring


Non-Slip and Anti-Skid

Decorative Surfaces

Colored Quartz and Vinyl Chip

Shot-Blast and Diamond Wheel Preparation

Economical Floor Sealants

​High Solids and Low VOC

industrial painting

Industrial Painting

Interior/Exterior Painting and Coating

NSF, AWWA, FDA, USDA Approved Coatings

High Solids and Low VOC Products

Army Corp of Engineers Approved Coatings

Scaffold Erection

primary and secondary containment

Primary and Secondary Containment

Corrosion Prevention

Rupture/Spill Prevention

EPA Compliance

Flexible Polymers for Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Prevent Water Infiltration

Reinforced Fiberglass Mat Systems

Tank Inspection